Xlarge Rough Rose Quartz 3"-4" inch, Brazil Priced each

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Rose Quartz this stone is said to enhance love in relationships, bring trust, and harmony, remove anxiety, and reduce stress. The ancient Japanese believed Quartz formed from the breath of a White Dragon.

To them, Quartz was representative of perfection. Rose Quartz is known as the essential stone for increasing love and for times of extreme emotional turmoil, such as divorce, bereavement or career set backs because it helps to remind the wearer of the importance of self-love. It stimulates the bodys love centers and can result in peace and fidelity in committed relationships.

As one of the most important crystals for attracting love, it does emotional maintenance clearing out emotional baggage, converting negative emotions, and calms hot tempers. The stone is usually recommended for improving mental discipline and making a wearer more responsible, and for meditation and mental tranquility.