White Wedding Conch Horn Shell 7-8" Pink Queen Conch (Painted)


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Conch horns where used in canals were a main source of transportation, canal boatmen used conch shell horns to let the locktenders know that a mule-drawn boat was approaching a lock. The locktender's job, upon hearing the horn, was to open the lock. This allowed the canal boats to go through different elevations. Those that didn't sound their horn were often fined. These conch shell horns are actual shells on which the spiral tip has been cut off to allow it to be used as a horn. The sound produced is a very loud noise which can carry over great distances. Shells vary in color and size from 7" to 9" you will receive one similar. Blow into the horn like you would a trumpet if needed you can google "how to" on YouTube. Just blowing air into shell will not work. Takes a little practice but anyone can accomplish a fantastic sound

  •   These Shells have been painted with a pearl white paint then clear coated they range in size from 7" to 8" you will receive one similar. You will need to blow these horns like a trumpet if your not sure how you can google and find instructions.
  • These shells are buy product of food source so they have been patched where a hole in the shell buy the cut mouth pc of the shell. We do not use shells that are killed for the shell. See picture of the orange shell that is where the hole is when we receive it for patch work
  • There is a slit in the shell that we have patched for the shell to work as a horn so please do not return because of hole patch we don't use shells taken alive only food source scraped shells.
  • 100% NATURAL PINK CONCH SHELL - Approx 8 inch full-size REAL conch shell. Produced in the saltwater
  • This is a high-quality premium pink conch shell horn! (This isn’t factory-made, so no 2 shells will look the exact same - but we totally love the idea that they may have their own unique natural markings!)