White & Pearl Seashell Costal Christmas Tree 10" Free Shipping

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Introducing our latest Holiday edition! The solid White & Pearl Shell Tree is decorated from tip to top in all white seashells. Every small area is covered, and it displays nicely from all angles. We've topped the tree with a beautiful white knobby starfish. The shell tree is perfect for decorating in a clean, fresh, beachy style this Holiday, but is truly a perfect piece to display all year round.

Set the tree on a white concrete pillar, for a Shell Topiary style. The tree comes in 4 different sizes: 7 inches, 10 inches, 15 inches, 18 inches, and lastly 21 inches. *Measurement includes Starfish*  The tree has gorgeous white seashells with small pearl seashell accents throughout, and to top of the beauty is a white knobby starfish. Each tree is handmade and made to perfection so order yours today to prepare for the holiday season!