White Cay Seashell Costal Christmas Tree 9" Tall

Nature Bound

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Introducing our latest Holiday edition! "Note ornaments not included but are available" The solid White Shell Tree is decorated from tip to top in all white seashells. Every small area is covered, and it displays nicely from all angles. We've topped the tree with a beautiful white knobby starfish. The shell tree is perfect for decorating in a clean, fresh, beachy style this Holiday, but is truly a perfect piece to display all year round.

Set the tree on a white concrete pillar, for a Shell Topiary style. The tree comes in 4 different sizes: 7 inches, 9",10 inches, 15 inches, 18 inches, and lastly 21 inches. *Measurement includes Starfish*  The tree has gorgeous white seashells with small pearl seashell accents throughout, and to top of the beauty is a white knobby starfish. Each tree is handmade and made to perfection so order yours today to prepare for the holiday season!