Sodalite Tumbled, Metaphysical Healing, Chakra Balance

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Sodalite is one of the most beneficial Chakra Stones, it is used for the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye or Brow Chakra. When used on the Third Eye Chakra it allow you to gain insight on complex situations, this has an overall calming effect that permeates through the body.

Sodalite Relieves tension and anxiety through the insight gained. When used for the Throat Chakra, Sodalite opens up blocked energies and balances the vibrations connected to the throat. Sodalite is a great healing crystal as It stimulates the Thymus Gland and soothes vocal cord issues, and sore throat cased by illness. This Stone is great for the Teenager going through puberty or someone with laryngitis.

About the product
  • Stones are approximatly .75 - 1 inch long
  • This listing is for One Singular piece of Tumbled Sodalite- Please allow for slight variations in size, shape and color as this is a natural product
  • activates the Throat Chakra
  • calms anxiety and gives insight to complex issues. It helps with self esteem and allows you to love yourself.