Selenite Crystal Pencil Wand Approx 100 mm long x 15 mm


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Beautiful Selenite pencil wand polished single term approx 4"-6 inches long priced each, you will receive one similar to the one in picture. Selenite is a stone of communication and communion with the past and present; this includes communication with our guides and Angels. It aids telepathic links with others and contains all sacred knowledge; it often has the appearance of sacred markings on its surfaces to remind us of this fact. It is used for the remembering of past lives and will help dream and meditation recall. Selenite works by recording information pertaining to all knowledge of all time; this is held within its crystalline structure via its formation by water and evaporation.

Selenite brings light and healing to every cell in the body. It is a very high vibration stone and crown chakra activator. It will heal all fluid functions of the body. It clears the spinal column of energy blocks via the spinal fluid and gives a flowing healing energy to all it touches. Emotionally it lifts the spirit, bringing Divine joy and playfulness into our lives to enhance the world's light energy.