Rainbow Quartz Crystals 45-55 mm size


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Titanium treated quartz is also known as Flame Aura quartz. The material is natural quartz , sometimes other materials like druzy amethyst or agate, has been specially treated in a process much like gold plating. It fuses a molecular layer of titanium plus other metals to the surface of the parent material. The result is a permanent coloring of the surface creating a dazzling effect to the specimen or jewelry piece.

According to the author Melody in her book Love is in the Earth supplement A, Flame Aura assists greatly in meditation and has stimulated the movement of the Kundalini to the crown chakra, aligning the chakras during the excursion; Flame Aura quartz has promoted contact , during meditation, with the ancient Greek civilizations. It also has all the properties of natural quartz crystals; alignment, harmony, etc.

This is a stock photo we have a large supply but the are all as beautiful as the one pictured