Murex Virqenues shells Approx 2"-3 1/2" Sold Each


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Murex Virqenues shells Approx 2"-3 1/2" Priced each. Very Popular Shell for airplants, and craft work. They are noted for their unique shape and curving spines. The Mollusk is carnivorous and typically feeds on bivalves, shrimp, and sponge among other creatures of similar size.

They can be found in sand or mud flats, and on coral reefs. When the frond-like spines are coated with sea moss, the shell may be completely camouflaged amid rocks or on reefs. Interesting Facts: The crimson color of royal purple was created by the Phoenicians by using the Murex brandaris shell. The rare and brilliant color was used by the emperors of Rome. At that time, the dye cost the equivalent of $10,000 a pound