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Mexican Trancas Geodes 1.5 in. Break your own Geodes 5 pack

Nature Bound

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Break Your Own Geodes are fun and educational to break open. Be the first to discover the hidden treasure inside. Great for kids (with adult supervision.) You can place a geode into the end of an old sock, take it out to your driveway or sidewalk, and give it one good whack with a hammer. Or use a hammer and chisel. Ugly on the outside - but guaranteed to have crystals on the inside! From Mexico.

This Geode comes from the Trancas Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico. The crystals inside this geode will glow under a black light. These geodes are also known as the Chihuahua Geode. They tend to look like a miniature cavern. Stalagetites and stalagmites are common. The primary Crystal is white quartz and the Seconday crystals can be fluorite, quartz and Calcite. Trancas are great for Break your Own Geodes.