Lion's Paw Scallop Shell Bundle of White Sage Great for Smudging


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Genuine 5"-6" Lion's Paw Scallop Shell. Traditionally used to catch the ashes of the smudge stick or to hold bits of sage to burn.

4"-5" long White Sage Smudge Stick, hand-wrapped torch-style in string: Traditionally used for centuries for its benefits. When burned as incense, it is said that California White Sage can repel bad dreams, evil spirits, and sickness. Because my sage sticks are so thick, each stick can be re-used for multiple Smudging!

-before and after moving to a new home
-before and after inviting guests into your home
-to purify the air
-to meditate, relax, and de-stress
-after an argument
-to rid your property of unwanted energies or spirits
-to bring more positive vibrations into your life!