Kunzite Specimen ( Purple) Pakistan 48-50 mm

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You will receive one similar to pictured. Kunzite is the pink variety of spodumene and is one of two gemstone varieties. The other variety is green and is called Hiddenite. Kunzite is strongly pleochroic, meaning there is a color intensity variation when a crystal is viewed from the top or bottom then from other directions. The top and bottom of the crystal reveal the deepest colors and knowleagable gem cutters take advantage of its effects. Due to kunzite's cleavage, splintery fracture and strong pleochroism it is considered a real gem cutters challenge. However, its lovely pink color makes kunzite an attractive and desirable gemstone. Metaphysical Properties Promotes feelings of peace and inner strength. Promotes self-love and self worth. Aid one to relax. Removes obstacles from one's life. Dissolves negativity. Protects aura and shields against unwanted energies. Good for meditations. Stimulates sensitivity and sensuality. Makes a good pendulum. Heart muscles. Circulation. Repairs the DNA/RNA. Deflects microwaves. Corresponding astrological sign : Scorpio