Floating Frame Display Case with Nautilus Half Center Cut Shell

Nature Bound

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These "floating frame" display cases are great to displaying small fossil and mineral specimens. They are particularly great for displaying fossil teeth. The specimens are safely enclosed between a durable, clear, plastic membrane. The plastic membrane is flexible allowing for thicker items to be easily accommodated. They can easily be opened and closed to remove the specimen.

The large display case size has total dimensions of 7.1" square with an display area of 6.2" square. Items up to a thickness of about 1" can easily be accommodated. Plastic is very easily torn so please dont put sharp objects in frame non returnable

Each display case comes with a base allowing it to sit upright. In the order instructions please let us know if you would prefer a base for displaying the case in a diagonal orientation or horizontal orientation.

This listing comes with a Center Cut Nautilus shell you will be able to see both side,

We can provide wholesale pricing on these cases in quantity.