Cypraea Aurantium Shell 3" Very Rare


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  • The Cyprea shell, Aurantium belongs to the Cowry shell family. It is a true collector shell found in the Indo-Pacific region. It likes to creep along the ocean bottom on the outer side of reefs. They grow to an average size of 3 inches. This is a highly coveted shell for collectors. These shells, until recently have been a rare find. The Cowry family of shells is a Gastropod (one shell animal). Cowry shells have a rounded top and flat bottom. Cowry shells are a smooth shell with colorful markings. Many such as the Cypraea Aurantium have been used as jewelry
  • The listing picture. The picture perfectly shows the deep orange top shell with a creamy under belly. The under side of the shell is flat and classic Cowry.
  • These Cypraea Aurantium have some stress lines but this is normal for the species.