Cream Abalone Pearl Haiotis Ovine (Case pack 6)

Nature Bound

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Shell reveals an amazing array of glistening colors once the outer layers have been removed and polished. A truly wonderful shell, with an almost three-dimensional holographic design. An exquisite range of stunning colors.

Actually the Abalone an edible shell whose finest occur in Tasmania Sea to New Zealand. Since the shells are checked fished and is a source of food for the population. The fantastic shells are not a product but more and more a main product because they are very popular. Pearl has been for centuries considered as something that is very purifying and works positively. Thus the strength of the shell is in the pearl and its operation is like a gem: gems give energy and have a noble force and this gives pearl too.

• Meditation: Abalone shells are also used during meditation, because this is good for intuition, spiritual and psychological development.

• The burning of herbs in Abalone: In a ritual the Abalone shell typically used to add the five elements into a whole. The shell has small holes which provide the necessary air supply.

• The power of Abalone: protects from the evil eye, against negative energy, makes people balanced, brings deep inner peace and gives inspiration.

Size Approx 2 1/2" - 3" case pack 6