Common Egg Cowrie Seashell Priced each 2"-3"

Nature Bound

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Common Egg Cowrie Seashell vibrant white exterior and orange/brown interior. Although related to Cowries, the Egg Shell is actually a member of the Ovulidae family. Highly polished beauties to add to any beach home decor!

They are wonderful snow white polished shells, with a mahogany colored interior. Each large shell measures 2 1/2 to 3+ inches long. Perfect for that shabby chic beach house decor! What a perfect gift for yourself, or anyone who marvels at the true beauty of natural seashells from the ocean. Anyone who lives by the shore, or those that dream they do, would treasure this Egg Cowrie Seashell. I grew up on an island, and have grown to appreciate the true beauty that nature has to offer. You won't be dissapointed by this shell! Please allow for slight natural variations. Seashells sold individually... purchase as many as you desire!

These shells are nature's creatures and as such, each is unique. Please allow for slight variations in shape and size. We have a large supply so if you would like a dozen or more contact us for pricing