Chiastolite fairy cross Polished Palm stone 25-30 mm


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You will recive one similar to the one pictured Chiastolite Physical & Metaphysical Properties Pronunciation kahy-as-tl-ahyt Synonyms Cross-Stone, Chyastolith, Crucite (of Delmetherie), Crusite, Lapis Crucifer, Macle, Maltesite System Orthorhombic Luster Vitreous Color Brown-gray, rose, gray, reddish-brown, olive green Hardness 5 to 5-1/2

Chakra Sacral Zodiac Libra Metaphysical Promotes practicality, creativity, adaptation to change, problem-solving, strength, devotion, balance, memory and harmony. Provides protection and enhances spiritual awareness. Reduces fears, illusions and guilt. Assists with transition and change.