Chalcanthite Mind Energy Stone, Limited Stock

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Selenite Slab not included but check we do carry them. Eye catching Chalcanthite is a very rare stone to find it a beautiful bright blue. Chalcanthite is only found in dry caves in arid regions that are kept away from moisture. Chalcanthite is a powerful stone is can help cleanse the arteries and remove any clogs or blockage, you can also use it to get rid of water retention and is great to meditate with. Chalcanthite works with your third chakra so can help you with communication.

Clusters symbolise community and promote harmony, balance, friendship, group and familial cooperation. They can both transmit and receive energy. Clusters remove negativity from their environment because of their multiple points, so they are excellent to place in your healing space, office or home. Clusters can be used to charge and to cleanse other crystals by placing them carefully upon the cluster and letting it go to work!

Chalcanthite can be used to eliminate feelings of abandonment and confinement, and can assist in continuing towards your goals without restraint. It is an excellent mineral for activation of your Throat Chakra, bringing smooth flow to communication and elocution in all situations. Use Chalcanthite to assist you in making choices, as the energy of this mineral tends to reflect the choice of preference, eliminating confusing distractions!

Physically, Chalcanthite has been used in the treatment of arthritis, to reduce the presence of free-radical oxides, to cleanse the arteries, to alleviate water retention, and to treat disorders of the reproductive system.

You will receiver one similar to pictured. Limited Stock get them while they last going quick