Celestite, Selenite Charging Plate Polished 4" SOLD OUT

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SELENITE Stimulates brain activity expands awareness, develops telepathy, symbolizes the clearest state of mind attainable. Brings mental clarity. Instills a deep peace. Selenite is an excellent way to cleanse and charge gemstones and crystals. This disc can also be used as a grid. About 4 inches in diameter and about 1 inch thick they weigh 10-12 oz over 1/2 pound. Allow for variations in size as these are hand cut and polished.

Selenite is a high vibration stone that purifies the negative energies from one's self, other minerals, or the environment around you. These Selenite specimens are polished and carved into circular tiles, perfect for display or for cleansing other stones and crystals. Naturally fiber optic, Selenite has a glowing sheen and light that radiates from its levels and grooves. A pure and tranquil piece to add to any collection.


Selenite is a variety of the mineral gypsum, and is composed of calcium sulfate that has been dehydrated overtime. The word selenite is derived from the Greek word meaning, “moon,” in reference to its gleaming white color. Selenite crystals are the largest crystals found on earth!

Metaphysical Properties
Selenite is the most powerful cleansing stone that works as a vacuum toward negative energy. Selenite can cleanse the body, environments and is the only stone that can cleanse other stones. It also helps with physical pain and bone strength. Keeping a selenite under your bed will make getting up in the morning easier as you will be better rested and recharged.