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Beach Glass Cranberry Color Sea glass 1 pound bags

Nature Bound

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Genuine Sea Beach Glass Mixed Lite Color Sea glass 1 pound bags Measures 1/4"-1 1/2" in size

ABOUT OUR GLASS: Sea glass or beach glass is colored, beach combed glass. It was once discarded but has been found upon the shore sculpted only by the natural movement of wind, waves, tide and time into a frosty, smooth gem. Each piece in our vast collection has a unique journey and history. Each was collected by hand and our vintage compilation now spans decades.

Genuine: They are the real thing, naturally tumbled by the beach, difficult to find and genuine. They've not been machine tumbled, polished or enhanced in any way. They were beach combed (guaranteed!) from an ocean beach in these exact shapes; perfect for crafts, mosaics, garden, aquarium, art, etc.