Aqua Obsidian Tumbled, Metaphysical Healing, Chakra Balance

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Obsidian allows you to stand up for yourself increasing your self esteem and respect. This is helpful to the timid and repressed. Obsidian on the other hand should not be carried or worn by those who are stuck on themselves or there ego is out of control. Obsidian will only intensify this and makes them more arrogant. Use Obsidian for meditation or on the Root or Base Chakra.

Obsidian is good for opening up The Energy Flow in your sexual organs, This is one of the main causes of the ego boost mentioned above for males. An under stimulated or Blocked Root chakra can cause you to instinctively crave or covet pleasures in an unhealthy way. This leads to binge eating and purging, sexual dysfunctions or sexual addictions. Obsidian is a volcanic glass formed when lava is quickly cooled in a body of water.


About the product
  • 1-1.5 inches long approximately
  • This listing is for one singular piece of Tumbled Blue Aqua Obsidian
  • Please Note: While Blue Obsidian does exist within nature. We are not 100% Certain that these are in fact 100% natural due to the color consistencies and seldom do they vary from batch to batch. So at this current time please look to these particular products for their vibrational healing via color therapy.