Amazonite Tumbled, Metaphysical Healing, Chakra Balance

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Grade A Tumbled Amazonite Amazonite is a Stone of Hope on and within all realms by reducing sadness and grief ridding one of negative energy yet simultaneously restoring confidence and faith within yourself and others. Amazoniteis also an excellent filter. Amazonite helps you sift through information by applying both logic and intuition there by creating a deeper and more accurate understanding .It is also said that Amazonite will aid in amplifying artistic expression.

Amazonite also improves communication by encouraging cooperation with others. Amazonite invokes, and encourages universal love. Metaphysical Effects of Amazonite 1. Mental Effects of Amazonite Amazonite helps bring together logic and intuition, Suports communication with Loved ones. It helps calm fears, and releaves aggravation. 2. Physical effects of Amazonite Amazonite is great for fighting Adictions such as Alcohol, Helps with Gout, and calcium deficiencies Primary Chakra: Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra Elemental Alignment: Air Planetary Associations: Uranus Corresponding Zodiac sign: Virgo

About the product
  • Stone is 3/4 - 1 inch long
  • Amazonite helps bring together logic and intuition
  • Grade A Amazonite