African Turbo Shell Highly Polished Silver Tones Seashell

Nature Bound

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Highly Polished African Turbo Shells are amazing. Also known as the African Semanticus the shells have hints of multi metallic tones -copper, bronze, silver as well as rich chocolates, black, yellow, and ivory hints. Gorgeous addition to any collection. They are used for hermit crab shells, and in shell crafts, such as making mirrors, ornaments and candles. They range in size from 3-4".

The lovely spiral shape provides endless creating and crafting ideas! Use on your Coastal DIY projects like Mirrors & Frames, Filler in air plant terrariums & jars of shells, shoreline centerpieces for home interiors or beach weddings/ events. Easily drilled for wind chimes, & jewelry making. More ideas for Ocean themed projects can be found on our Pinterest Page!