20 pcs Mixed Starfish, Beach Decor


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Set of 20 includes a variety of approx 6 different species. The smallest starfish are between 2” to 3.5” and the largest are between 4” to 5.5”. This is a brilliant assortment of Starfish outstanding for use at beach weddings, beach décor, nautical themed projects, invitations, party favors, mermaid parties and home decor. Excellent Christmas decorations or beach themed tree. Make your gifts stand out by adding White Starfish. Fill a glass apothecary jar with sand, starfish, shells and fanciful colored sea glass to add a fresh touch to any room.

The uses for this brilliant Set of 20 Mixed Starfish is limitless – set your imagination free and express your creativity in every corner of your home – at a party or even in your office. A bright white room filled with touches of the coast… Glass apothecary jars with sand, starfish, shells and fanciful colored sea glass, carefully scattered shells and starfish placed in gorgeous baskets, touches of wood in the furniture and on the walls. Coastal décor has launched into our spaces and added a light tranquil feeling to areas that were once drab.

Craft your heart out!! Make a wind chime, make starfish hair barrettes or hand bands for bride’s maids or beach mermaids. Add the perfect touch to a shelf, a table or even the wall.

Each selection may vary in size and color as these are a natural product of the sea.