1 Gallon White Chullas Shells 1-2" Wholesale Shells

Nature Bound

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We offer over 100 styles of bulk craft shells in 1 pound bags, gallon and 1 kilo bags (approx. 2.2 lbs) - easy to order, fun to use! Many of these shells are great for wedding decorations, vase fillers, or to make a variety of seashell crafts and decor. DIY Craft Seashells in Bulk - Gallon, Pound & Kilo Bags of Shells.

We sell wholesale assorted seashells in bulk and assorted seashells for crafts by the kilo bag, gallon bag and case.  Perfect for wedding décor, bridal shower or reception table centerpieces. Great selection of bulk shells in various sizes for any coastal inspired craft projects for that special event or everyday seashore home decorating. Our assorted seashells in bulk and bulk mixed seashells for crafts are sold by the bag of shells filled with an assortment of seashells from India and the Philippines come in sizes tiny to large.  Our wholesale assortment of natural seashells are divided by small shell mix, medium shell mix and large shell mix. The bags of shells may contain: hawkwing conchs, tibia, umboniums, nassarius, fox shells, clams, scallops and pectens, strawberry strombus conch shells, brown and white chulla, tiger clams, turban shells, nerits, olives, murex shells, turritella, tudicles and many more.